Shakti Matrix Mission

We are committed to raising the consciousness of everyone on this planet to achieve perfect harmony within themselves and with each other, on an individual scale and a global scale. We propose that the best path to accomplish this task is to come into the realization that everyone of us is a manifestation of the same supreme Divinity, and to live each moment from that space of absolute freedom acceptance of oneself and others. To progress on this path, we use time-tested and well-proven strategies from India, the ancient land of ultimate spiritual teachings and Truth. Specifically, we focus on the concept of recognizing ourselves as a living embodiment of Shakti, the eternal and dynamic essence of life. Though Shakti is often depicted as female energy, it is equally present in all genders, and is equally available to all for personal growth and enlightenment.

Shakti Matrix Lifestyle

  • Optimal physical health utilizing primarily a plant based diet, appropriate exercise and sound sleep.

  • Mental stability and equanimity by practicing yoga, pranayama and mindfulness.

  • Creative energy stimulation through chanting, dancing, music and other arts.

  • Intellectual growth by reading, writing and group discussions.

  • Inner Self exploration by study of Vedanta, Shakti traditions and Meditation.

  • Service by donating, teaching or some form of giving with no expectations.

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